Vardan Kirakosyan
Lead Project Assistant
818 988-5411

Vardan’s career at Q.I. began in 2005 as a star recruiter.  He is a motivated individual with ambitious goals, and is eager to learn and grow.  Vardan was promoted to Project Assistant in 2006, and shortly after advanced to a Lead Project Assistant position.  A multi-faceted employee, Vardan excels at executive-level recruiting, hosting all aspects of focus groups and in-depth interviewing, all while maintaining a G.P.A. of 3.5.  Vardan brings a positive “I can do anything” attitude to our team.



Davantaé Johnson
Phone Room Manager

Davantae’ Johnson is our Phone Room Manager.  He joined our phone room department as an Assistant Manager in the fall of last year.  Davantae’ has over 5 years experience in the Market Research Industry.  He started in the industry as a recruiter for professional & consumer studies.  He also has held the following positions; PA, Supervisor, Training Class Coordinator, & Order Clerk.  He graduated with 2 B.A.’s (Broadcast Journalism/Spanish) with a minor in Psychology by the age of 20. Davantae’ grew up in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.