The staff at Q.I. is very unique in that they are educated in many facets of the marketing research field and work daily with clients from all over the world. Our ability to manage multi-cultural projects is just one of many examples of how talented our staff is. What makes our staff special is their amazing ability and desire to work as a team to get the job done...and even have fun in the process! After reading our employee bio’s, you will see how outstanding our team at Q.I. is and that they are happy and ready to assist you with your next research project.

To read what makes us tick, just click on the staff member:

Linda Giniewicz - Director
Yvis Cannavale - Project Manager
Venessa Aguirre - Project Manager
Jodi Kaplan - Project Manager
Maria Ontiveros - Project Manager

Mary Wang - Facility Coordinator
Arthur Mnatsakanian - Phone Room Manager
Fernando Preito - Phone Room Supervisor
Agnesa Paronyan - Lead Project Assistant