When it comes to efficient and quality field management services, Qualitative Insights is the business partner you are looking for. Our experienced staff is always ready for a challenge and can handle any project you send our way. Whether it’s pre-recruiting, running focus groups, handling intercepts on-line or in a mall, providing in-depth interviews, or product placements, we can coordinate with top field locations around the U.S. and in Puerto Rico. We have outstanding partnerships with these high-end field locations and guarantee that we will find the best field locations to handle your projects. No matter if it’s one city or multiple cities, we manage every aspect of your field work on a daily basis and promise to deliver the best research possible.

The following are the most requested services that our Field Management team offers. You'll see where we've conducted all of them on the map above:

•• Focus Group Management/Recruitment
•• Mall or On-Line Intercepts
•• In-Depth Interviews

•• Product Placement
•• Mystery Shopping
•• Pre-Recruiting